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WASSERMANN - Polymerisation Unit Wapo-Mat III

WASSERMANN - Polymerisation Unit Wapo-Mat III

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WASSERMANN - Polymerisation Unit Wapo-Mat III

The Wapo-Mat III water bath can be used for long-time and boiling polymerisation of all common plastics. Despite its compact shape, the Wapo-Mat III can hold up to 9 flasks.

Range of application:

Compact and versatile: The Wapo-Mat III, now also equiped with multifunction touch-screen terminal, requires very little space, offers powerful performance. Via self explanatory icons the user specifies the relevant parameters quickly and easily. Three temperatures and three time settings are possible and the remaining time is retrievable. Optimised water temperatures are guaranteed by its powerful electronically controlled heater. In factory setting the main polymerization process cuts in automatically at 95° C 90 minutes before the program ends.

Major features at a glance:

  • capable to handling 9 flasks in the flask holder simultaneously
  • simple to operate multifunction touch-screen terminal
  • fully automatic program sequence
  • powerful, electronically controlled heater for optimal water temperature and a long life of all elements
  • low water level indicated visually and audibly
  • energy-saving tank thermal insulation
  • low maintenance, easy to clean

Included in delivery:

  • PVC hose 19 x 4 ( 3/4“ ) 1.5 m
  • Hose clamp Ø 20–32 x 12.2
  • Lime remover 1000 ccm


220–240 V / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

8 A


1800 W

W x H x D

330 x 460 x 530 mm


18.5 kg

Sound level

≤ 70 dB (A)

Water capacity

18.5 l



Made in Germany

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