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RENFERT - MT3 Klettfix model trimmer (wet)

RENFERT - MT3 Klettfix model trimmer (wet)

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Wet trimmer

The MT3 wet trimmer is impressive due to its exceptionally powerful motor. With the MT3 Renfert provides high-performance trimming at a low price.


  • Quick change of the trimmer table angle using the practical tipping mechanism (90°/ 98°).
  • Safety: when the front door is opened a safety switch stops the motor and water.
  • Uniform coverage by the optimally positioned spray tube prevents clogging of the trimmer disc.


  • Optimum view of the model due to a 10° inclination of the unit.
  • Easy guidance of the plaster model with the aid of slotted angle lines on the trimmer table.

MT3 incl. Klettfix trimmer disc, 220-240 V

Item number



Wet Trimming

Permissible mains voltage

220 - 240 V

Permissible mains frequency

50 - 60 Hz

Weight (without trimmer disc)

13.2 kg
29 lbs

Dimensions (W x H x D)

305 x 330 x 410 mm
12.0 x 13.0 x 16.2"

Diameter (Connection piece for drain hose)

36 mm
1.42 "

Power consumption

1,300 W
1.74 hp

Rotational speed

2,880 - 3,400 rpm

Motor performance (P1)

1,300 W
1.74 hp

Water consumption max.

7 l/min
0.25 cfm

Water pressure min. / max.

1 - 5 bar
14.5 - 72.5 psi

trimmer disc

Klettfix, Corundum


MT3 incl. Klettfix trimmer disc, 220-240 V

Item number 18080000
Scope of delivery:
incl. Klettfix trimmer disc
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