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RENFERT - lay:art style

RENFERT - lay:art style

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RENFERT - lay:art style

Natural bristle brush

lay:art style natural hair brushes provide premium quality for the highest demands. An innovative manufacturing technique achieves maximum values in terms of tension, dimensional stability and durability of the brush tip.


  • Top quality with natural hair for consistent working comfort at the highest level.
  • 10 sizes with different shape concepts, perfectly coordinated to individual requirements.
  • The Big Brush technique with sizes 8, 6 and 4 increases the moisture reserve and tension.


  • The ergonomic handle design with Soft Touch is optimally balanced and sits perfectly in the hand.
  • Slim: Slim shape of brush in the upper third provides minimal moisture release and aids delicate building up.
  • Bold: Bold shape of brush in the upper third provides higher moisture release and aids the uptake of large amounts of porcelain.
  • Cone (4): Short conical brush shape enables precise building up and targeted reduction thanks to maximum firmness.
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