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RENFERT - Geo Classic Basic Set

RENFERT - Geo Classic Basic Set

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Modeling and Special Waxes

The GEO Classic line offers a selection of soft, medium and hard modeling and special waxes with very good carving, modeling and milling properties for the production of crown and bridge restorations.


  • High precision due to coordinated flow and modeling properties.
  • Flexible working as it is suitable for using the electrical wax knife and the Bunsen flame.
  • Processing safety in full and press ceramic techniques due to the fact that it is an organic, transparent modeling wax which burns-out residue-free.

GEO Classic Basic Set

Item number 4930004

A selection of soft, medium and hard modeling and milling waxes, ideal introductory set.

Scope of delivery:
GEO Classic mint-transparent, GEO Classic Natural dentine opaque, GEO Classic Avantgarde grey-opaque, GEO Classic Snow-white opaque, GEO Classic Milling wax blue-opaque, GEO Classic Cervical and undercut wax red-transparent à 20 g (0.70 oz.)
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