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OMEC - UV.11.00 UV Light Polymerisation Unit

OMEC - UV.11.00 UV Light Polymerisation Unit

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OMEC - UV.11 – UV Polymerizator


The OMEC - UV.11.00 UV Light Polymerisation Unit features a reflectorized mirror parabola and a stainless steel construction, making it ideal for polymerizing light sensitive resin plates used in the production of single impression holders, denture bases, and occlusal blocks. Its drawer can hold up to three models and its lamps emit a blue/purple cool light at a 380Nm wavelength. With the ability to perform three different cycle lengths, including a 120-second, 180-second, or infinite cycle, this unit is a versatile and efficient choice for any professional in the industry.


Technical data

Supply: 230V / 50 Hz
Power: 36 W
Wave lenght: 380 Nm
Chamber dimension: 14×14 cm
Dimensions: 26x22x11h cm
Weight: 2 Kg


Made in Italy 

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