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OMEC - PL06 / PL12 Polymerisation Units

OMEC - PL06 / PL12 Polymerisation Units

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PL.06 / PL.12 Polymerizing Units


Polymerizing units for 6 or 12 muffles. This units are entirely made of stainless steel. The electronic board controls polymerizing cycles and gradual switching off. In this way the muffles naturally cool to avoid micro cracks of resins. No electric component can come in contact, even accidentally, with water or steam, in compliance with the European Standards. The polymerizing units are equipped with a tap to drain water.


Technical data

Supply: 230V / 50 Hz
Power: PL.06: 1100 W / PL.12: 1400 W
Muffle capacity: PL.06: 6/10 / PL.12: 12/18
Chamber dimension: PL.06: 15x31x26h cm / PL.12: 19x42x38h cm
Dimensions: PL.06: 26x31x26h cm / PL.12: 30x42x38h cm
Weight: PL.06: 8 Kg / PL.12: 12 kg

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Made in Italy 

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