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OMEC - BIP.2 Polishing Lathe (Dual Speed)

OMEC - BIP.2 Polishing Lathe (Dual Speed)

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OMEC - BIP.2 Polishing Lathe


The OMEC - BIP.2 Polishing Lathe (Dual Speed) boasts impressive strength and utilizes ball bearings to drive its shaft. With a high power output, this lathe provides exceptional finishing for any model. Additionally, it features a safety switch and comes equipped with both a right side threaded cone and a left side threaded cone. The motor frame also allows for self-ventilation, ensuring extended use without overheating.

Technical data

Supply: 230V / 50 Hz
Power: 170 / 400 W
Motor speed: 1.400 / 2.800 Rpm
Dimensions: 36x21x26h cm
Weight: 10 Kg


Made in Italy 


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