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ERKODENT - Occluform 3

ERKODENT - Occluform 3

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ERKODENT - Occluform-3 188 580

Occludator integrated in a thermoforming unit for imprinting the opposing bite (pat. 19915567).

Occludating bow with fixation ring for Erkoform units serie 3, model pot for fixation of the model in the unit form pot, Occ3-aM with model pot support, granules shovel, hexagonal socket wrench size 3, weight 1.2 kg

  • The Occluform-3 can only be installed at Erkoform unit series 3.(Erkoform 3D motion)
  • Imprint the opposing bite during the thermoforming process!
  • Plaster free model fixation.
  • Hydraulic fixation of the opposing bite.
  • Single column construction for best model accessibility.
  • The construction of the Occluform-3 device is based on a Bonwill triangle with a side length of 11.5 cm and a Balkwill angle of 20°.
  • Included in delivery: Occ3-aM

Made in Germany

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