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ERKODENT - ERKOPRESS Ci Motion Pressure Forming Machine

ERKODENT - ERKOPRESS Ci Motion Pressure Forming Machine

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ERKODENT - Erkopress CI motion 173 500

Pressure forming device with automated thermoforming process for all applications in the dental thermoforming technique, with self-sufficient, integrated production of compressed air (pat. 19518211). Uses exact temperature to thermoform, consistent results every time!

  • Program and insert foil
  • Start the heating process Place the model
  • Everything else will be done by the device
  • The thermoforming process as well as the cooling time will run automatically.
  • Touch-less temperature sensor to exactly determine the actual temperature (patented) of the thermoforming materials.
  • For uniform wall thicknesses the hot foil will be placed vertically onto the model.
  • The adaptation is taking place without delay.
  • Outstanding workplace safety through automatic switch-off function.
  • Pinch protection during the automated thermoforming.
  • The medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time, heats up the material not only on the surface but also in depth.
  • Easily accessible model during heating period.
  • Acoustic and visual signal (suitable for people with impaired hearing).
  • Program-controlled function and process.


  • The program contains all Erkodent thermoforming materials and as a quick guide, supported by animations, it leads through the workflow and signals the necessary work steps.
  • Select the desired foil and thickness and start the process.
  • Frequently used foils, new foils and even modified factory settings can be saved as favourites.

Included with delivery : thermoforming technique “starter kit”: Application brochure, samples of thermoforming materials, high-grade steel filling granules, rounded

Technical data:

  • H 32 cm/W 35 cm/D 43 cm
  • weight: 21.3 kg
  • operating pressure: up to 6 bar
  • reserve pressure: 7 bar
  • operating voltage: ~220 - 240 (100, 110 - 120) volt, 50 - 60 hertz
  • wattage: max. 440 watt
  • noise level: < 70 dB(A


Made in Germany.

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