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ERKODENT - ERKOFORM 3D Motion Vacuum forming unit

ERKODENT - ERKOFORM 3D Motion Vacuum forming unit

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ERKODENT - Erkoform-3d motion 188 400

Vacuum forming unit with reserve vacuum and automated thermoforming process. The automatic saves the necessary going to the unit in order to move the hot foil from the heating to the model and to thermoform. 

  • Program foil and insert foil
  • Start heating process, place the model in the unit
  • Time for other, everything else will be carried by the device
  • Thermoforming process and cooling time run automatically.
  • No compressed-air supply required - plug and play.
  • Touchless temperature sensor for accurate determination of the actual temperature (patented) of the thermoforming material regardless of the surroundings (environment). Ensure consistent results based on temperature and not on heating time!
  • No preheating time.
  • Sudden vacuum built up before thermoforming process(Pat. 19511064).
  • More space for higher models.
  • Perpendicular prestretching and adaptation for even foil thicknesses.

  • Completely accessible model during the heating process.
  • Practical one-hand foil fixation for foil thicknesses of 0 to 5.5 mm.

  • Equipped with a medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time. The medium-wave heater allows an even, friendly warming of the material also in the deepness. Splints with less tension are the result.


  • The program contains all Erkodent thermoforming material leads as short guide with animations through the sequence of work and indicates the required working steps.
  • Acoustic and optic signal, therefore also suitable for deaf persons.
  • Select type and thickness of foil and start.
  • The indicated thermoforming temperature and cooling time can be changed for special applications without influencing the basic program.
  • The display informs about each operating status and the remaining time.
  • Often used foils, new foils and also changed factory settings can be saved as favourites.
  • With the special functions the heating and the vacuum pump can be separately turned on and off.
  • Safety switch-off after 10 sec., when the next working steps are not executed.

included with delivery is a thermoforming “starter kit”: Application brochure, samples of thermoforming materials, filling granules, auxiliaries etc.

Technical data:

H 31,5 cm/W 35 cm/D 37 cm weight 13,9 kg

operating voltage: ~220/240 (100, 110-120) volt, 50-60 hertz

wattage: 360 watt max. Vacuum 0,8 bar noise level < 60 dB(A)


Made in Germany 

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