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BEGO - Wirovest Investment Material for Partial Dentures

BEGO - Wirovest Investment Material for Partial Dentures

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BEGO - Wirovest®

Standard investment material for the partial denture technique

  • Classic phosphate-bonded partial denture investment material with particularly good results in the gel-duplication technique
  • High expansion for accuracy of fit and minimal finishing
  • Smooth model surfaces facilitate modelling and ensure equally smooth cast surfaces
  • When mixed with water (for pouring the cylinder), Wirovest. exhibits a significantly reduced deflasking hardness – this saves time and money
  • BegoSol.* mixing liquid (frost protected to – 10 Deg. C) for assured procurement all year round
  • Packaging: 45 x 400gm bags (18kg total) 
  • To be used with BegoSol mixing liquid 
  • Made in Germany



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