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BEGO - Wirosil Duplicating Silicone

BEGO - Wirosil Duplicating Silicone

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Wirosil® Duplicating silicone

  • Wirosil® is an addition-cured two-component silicone that reproduces master models extremely accurately due to its excellent dimensional stability.
  • With economy flask and stabilisation insert it enables work to be carried out easily and reliably without wasting material.
  • Ideal for duplicating milled areas in combination work.
  • Mixing ratio: 1:1
Product details
Physical data
Processing time approx. 5 minutes
Setting time (22 °C) 30–40 minutes
Mixing time 30 seconds
Shore A hardness (1 hr.) 17
Recovery following deformation 99,7 %
Contraction (DIN 14356) 0,03 %
Availability REF
Wirosil®, 2 x 1 kg 52001
Wirosil®, 2 x 5 kg 54915
Accessories REF
Duplicating flask, small 52072
Duplicating flask, large 52083
Measuring cup and spatula 52004
Aurofilm, 100 ml 52019
Durofluid, 100 ml 52008
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