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BEGO - Wirogel M Duplicating gel

BEGO - Wirogel M Duplicating gel

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BEGO - WiroGel® M

Environmentally friendly duplicating gel based on agar-agar hydrocolloid for producing models using investment material, plaster and the acrylic casting technique.

  • For universal use: For all phosphate-bonded investment materials and type 4 plasters as well as the acrylic casting technique.
  • Highly accurate impression-taking; smooth model surfaces guarantee reliability in use and enable work results which meet the highest demands in terms of precision.
  • 15 melting cycles mean a very good cost-benefit ratio – suitable for melting in a microwave without compromising quality or precision.
  • Duplicating with WiroGel. M is more than five times less expensive than with silicone, taking into account the costs for the duplicating unit.
  • Color geared to contrast optimisation, thus ensuring optimal process reliability.
  • Available in 6kg or 10kg tub
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