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BEGO - VarseoSmile Crown Plus

BEGO - VarseoSmile Crown Plus

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BEGO - VarseoSmile Crown plus

The ceramic filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent restorations


  • VarseoSmile Crown plus can be used for 3D printing definitive restorations such as single crowns, partial crowns, crowns on abutments, inlays, onlays, tabletops and veneers in the anterior and posterior region including occlusal surfaces.
  • Antagonist-friendly material with mechanical buffer effect, ideal for implant-supported crowns
  • Thanks to the full integration into the digital workflow and the low material costs, a same-day treatment option with an excellent price-performance ratio is made possible


  • VarseoSmile Crown plus is available in seven shades according to the VITA* classical shade system and one Bleach shade: A1 Dentin / A2 Dentin / A3 Dentin / B1 Dentin / B3 Dentin / C2 Dentin / D3 Dentin / BL Dentin
  • Excellent esthetics due to balanced ratio of opacity and translucency
  • Fluorescence of the printed objects resembles that of the natural tooth


  • Extensive scientific studies by renowned universities and institutes confirm the excellent features of the restorations made of VarseoSmile Crown plus
  • Certified biocompatibility: Not cytotoxic, not irritating, not sensitizing,not pyrogenic, not genotoxic or mutagenic
  • Meets the requirements for a Class IIa product according to MDR and is FDA 510(k) cleared as a Class II medical device**


  • Clear visibility of restorations made of VarseoSmile Crown plus on radiographs
  • Minimized resin sedimentation for easy handling, no mixing or shaking necessary with regular use
  • Easy to grind and polish with standard tools


3D Printer Compatibility overview

VarseoSmile Crown Plus Scientific Studies


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