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BEGO - Fornax T Benchtop Casting Unit

BEGO - Fornax T Benchtop Casting Unit

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BEGO - Fornax® T Benchtop Casting Unit

The compact casting machine with induction melting device and integrated power cooling. 

Fornax® T is equally suitable for both non-precious and precious metal objects, as well as partial denture casting. With two adjustable starting speeds, optimum filling is guaranteed for eery cast object. 

  • Benchtop casting machine with high-performance induction heating guarantees short melting cycles, minimises oxidation and thus facilitates subsequent finishing
  • The user-friendly operating panel provides information on all parameters and gives quick and easy access to all major functions
  • Integrated power cooling provides for over 50 casts in a row, even with high ambient temperatures with moulds made of phosphate-bonded investment materials
  • Integrated adjustable infrared sensor for safe and gentle melting of all standard precious metal and non-precious metal alloys (excluding titanium) at a casting temperature of up to 1,550°C
  • High output reserves with low power consumption of just 16 amps
  • Very quick adjustment to different casting mould sizes by means of a simple mechanism ensures fast working
  • Compact dimensions and design give the new Fornax® T a very small footprint
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany
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