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BEGO - Cervical Wax

BEGO - Cervical Wax

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BEGO - Cervical Wax for C&B technique 

  • BEGO cervical wax for cervical edges in eggplant (aubergine) is a tension-free wax on which extremely high demands are placed during modelling
  • BEGO cervical wax is completely tension-free after modelling and is therefore highly recommended for details on cervical edges of crowns, precision parts and as undercut wax of inlays
  • The cervical wax burns out leaving no residue, making it suitable for the ceramic pressing technique as well
  • Thanks to the finely adjusted formulation and careful monitoring of all raw material properties, the cervical wax undergoes only very slight shrinkage after the individual layers have been applied
  • BEGO cervical wax has a very low limit of elasticity, so any deformation only has a plastic effect. This allows safe wafer-thin modelling up to the preparation margin
  • Solidification temperature approx. 62 Deg. centigrade. 

Eggplant colour, 70gm tin. 

Made in Germany 

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