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BEGO - Blocking Out Wax

BEGO - Blocking Out Wax

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BEGO - Blocking Out Wax

Tailored to the particular requirements of the partial denture technique

  • The preparation wax is exceptionally malleable, allowing it to be adapted to the master model perfectly and with firm adhesion, which saves having to use an additional wax adhesive
  • The exemplary shape retention and edge strength of the preparation wax, with a high solidification point of approx. 70 deg. C, mean that it can be used with duplicating hydrocolloid at working temperatures of 55 deg. C
  • Simple removal from the master model following duplication rounds off the user-friendly working characteristics perfectly
  • This wax was developed for blocking out undercuts, creating clasp steps and relieving critical areas of the model
  • This blocking-out wax can be easily scraped and cut, is hard and thus ensures the dimensionally-stable, well-defined reproduction of clasp steps on the investment model
  • The boiling-out temperature of approx. 90 deg. C, the setting temperature of approx. 68 Deg. C and the melting temperature of approx. 80 – 85 deg. C guarantee reliability and resilience during duplication, even at high temperatures
  • Pink in colour, 70gm tin. 

Made in Germany

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