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Ackuretta - CLEANI with Tank Plus

Ackuretta - CLEANI with Tank Plus

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Ackuretta - CLEANI with Tank Plus

High-Volume Washer for Dental 3D Printing

Unleash high-capacity dental workflows with CLEANI with Tank Plus. Remove the majority of the resin residue in a gentle and short process that minimizes alcohol submersion. Save time and enjoy high-volume efficient cleaning for your 3D-printed dental applications.

Made to Match Our New 3D Printing Solution Plus

With Tank Plus, our alcohol washer becomes the perfect fit for our new 3D Printing Solution Plus - wash up to 8 full-arch applications in one go to match the high production that SOL Plus and CURIE Plus deliver perfectly.

Ideal for High-Volume Production

Thanks to it's high capacity and fast washing cycle, Tank Plus makes CLEANI the perfect washing unit for demanding digital dentistry workflows.

Enjoy a Short 5-Min Wash Cycle

Complete an entire washing cycle in just 5 minutes. With Tank Plus, enjoy the advantage of swiftly washing high-volume 3D printed applications in record time.

Download: CLEANI with Tank Plus Flyer

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