Dental 3D Printing and thermoforming techniques with Ackuretta & Erkodent

Dental 3D Printing and thermoforming techniques with Ackuretta & Erkodent


We're proud to announce an upcoming 1 day course organised by the Malaysian Dental Technologist Association that will be held on the 29th of June 2024. 


Participants will be introduced to Medes, Ackuretta, and Erkodent through a series of informative presentations and hands-on demonstrations covered by both Daniel Mervin (Ackuretta) and Adrian Schmitter (Medes, Erkodent). The event will begin with an overview of the 3D printing workflow, covering CAD design, nesting, processing, and post-processing, emphasising the importance of using validated devices. Ackuretta's system components, including the Sol/Dentiq 3D printers, Cleani, and Curie/Curie Plus, will be showcased for their benefits and performance. Demonstrations will include nesting print jobs and producing Bego 3D printed permanent restorations. Following a lunch break, Erkodent's dental thermoforming techniques will be presented, highlighting the differences between vacuum and pressure units and their applications in creating splints, aligners, and sports mouthguards. Attendees will participate in hands-on practice sessions for manufacturing and polishing dental splints and custom sports mouthguards. The day will conclude with a Q&A session and a group photo, marking a successful and engaging event. 

  • Key Learning Points
    • Understanding the 3D Printing Workflow and its importance of using validated devices to ensure quality and reliability.
    • Comprehensive overview of nesting, processing and post-processing.
    • Technology of Resin Based 3D Printing. Insights into the general technology behind resin-based 3D printing and its applications in dentistry.
    • Ackuretta System components. Benefits, performance, and unique points of each component.
    • Practical Demonstrations with live demo of nesting print job and starting the print jobs and using 3D prints as permanent restorations.
    • Erkodent Dental Thermoforming techniques. Understanding vacuum vs pressure units and their effects on material thickness.
    • Applications of thermoforming in creating splints, aligners, anti-snoring devices, trays, orthodontic appliances and mouthguards
    • Hands on with Erkodent machines. Steps for manufacturing and polishing dental aligners, splints and custom mouthguards.
    • Post Manufacturing steps in thermoforming techniques before they are issued to the patient.
    • Q&A session with an opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insights into 3D printing and dental thermoforming technologies.
    • Networking and collaboration. Build connections with peers, discussions, and group activities.

We can't wait to meet you all there! 



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