Ackuretta now avaiable at Medes !

Ackuretta now avaiable at Medes !



Ackuretta is a pioneering global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions tailored for dental professionals, bringing additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to a global audience. Their 'plug & play' solutions offer validated workflows, an open system, and industry-leading 2-year warranties, coupled with exceptional training and support. Since 2013, they've expanded across 50+ countries, leveraging Taiwan's technological hub for quality products and compliance with international standards.

Ackuretta's Mission:  To innovate and provide comprehensive 3D printing solutions, making same-day dentistry accessible to technicians, clinicians, and patients.

Ackuretta's Vision: A world where a simple push of a button delivers dream smiles, eliminating long waits, multiple visits, pain, and expenses.

Ackuretta's Values: We are innovative, driven by curiosity, proactive learning, and diverse perspectives. We prioritize accessibility, offering high-quality products globally with multilingual support and low market entry barriers. Trusted by dental professionals, we uphold our promises, delivering reliable products and user-friendly ecosystems for exceptional patient outcomes.

Available now! We're extremely glad to be able to represent Ackuretta here in Malaysia and grow along with Ackuretta. Contact us for more information or to get a product demo today! 

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