A Weekend with Ackuretta, Bego and Erkodent Products

A Weekend with Ackuretta, Bego and Erkodent Products

Revolutionizing Dentistry: A Weekend with Ackuretta Bego and Erkodent Products

This past weekend marked a significant milestone in the world of dental technology as professionals and enthusiasts gathered to witness the latest advancements in dental 3D printing. Organized by the Malaysian Dental Technologist Association, the event showcased the capabilities of Ackuretta, Bego and Erkodent products, demonstrating their potential of being part of your workflow. With a focus on validated dental 3D printing, attendees were treated to live demonstrations of printing permanent crowns, manufacturing aligners, and creating custom sports mouthguards.

Ackuretta & Bego: Setting New Standards in Dental 3D Printing

Ackuretta, a pioneer in the field of dental 3D printing, has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Their collaboration with Bego, a well-respected name in dental materials, has resulted in a suite of products that are not only highly efficient but also incredibly precise. During the event, attendees were able to witness firsthand the seamless integration of Ackuretta’s 3D printers with Bego’s VarseoSmile Crown Plus resins and how quick it was to print 15 units of crown. This was done under 20 minutes!

The highlight of the weekend was the live demonstration of printing permanent crowns. Using Ackuretta’s advanced 3D printers, dental professionals printed crowns with unparalleled accuracy and speed. This innovation promises to reduce the turnaround time for dental restorations, allowing for same-day solutions that were previously unimaginable and unattainable.  The use of Bego’s biocompatible materials ensured that the crowns not only fit perfectly but also met the highest standards of durability and aesthetics. Whats more, this material can also be used to print teeth for use in dentures. 

Validated Dental 3D Printing: Ensuring Quality, Consistency, and Biocompatibility

A major focus of the event was on validated dental 3D printing. This concept emphasises the importance of ensuring that every step of the 3D printing process, from design to final product, meets rigorous standards of quality and consistency. By using validated systems, dental professionals can have confidence that their 3D printed products will perform reliably and safely.

Furthermore, validated dental 3D printing ensures that patients are using biocompatible products as their prostheses. This means that the materials used are safe for the human body, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or other adverse effects. The event highlighted how Ackuretta & Bego have embraced this aspect of validated dental 3D printing in their products. Through meticulous testing and quality control, these companies have set new benchmarks for the industry, providing peace of mind for both dental professionals and their patients.

Attendees learned about the protocols and standards that are followed to ensure that every printed crown, meets the highest standards of excellence and biocompatibility.

Erkodent: Precision in thermoforming technique. 

Erkodent, known for its high-quality dental thermoforming materials and machines, showcased their expertise in manufacturing aligners and sports mouthguards. The event featured live demonstrations of the entire process of manufacturing these appliances. The precision and customization offered by Erkodent’s solutions were truly impressive.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the efficiency of Erkodent’s manufacturing process. Attendees saw how quickly and accurately aligners and mouthguards could be produced, highlighting the potential for significant time savings in the dental field en assured fitting of the appliances thanks to its superb vacuum and pressure units. The use of Erkodent’s cutting-edge materials ensured that the final products were both comfortable and durable, providing optimal protection and effectiveness.

Hands-On Experience: Manufacturing Your Own Mouthguard and Aligner

A unique aspect of the event was the opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience in manufacturing their own sports mouthguard and aligner. Each participant was provided with all the necessary materials, including polishing discs, thermoforming materials, and 3D printed models. This interactive session allowed attendees to fully understand the process and appreciate the precision and customization involved in creating these dental appliances while provided with a book on thermoforming technique with step-by-step instructions on how to manufacture various other appliances such as michigan splints,  occlusal splints, compression plates and the like. 


The weekend event, organized by the Malaysian Dental Technologist Association, with Ackuretta, Bego and Erkodent products was a resounding success, offering a fascinating glimpse into the future of dentistry. The advancements in validated dental 3D printing, particularly in the areas of permanent crowns, aligners, and sports mouthguards, promise to transform dental industry and enhance patient care.

As the dental industry continues to evolve, it is clear that 3D printing will play a pivotal role. With companies like Ackuretta and Bego leading the way, the future looks bright for dental professionals and patients alike. The innovations showcased over the weekend are just the beginning, and we can look forward to even more exciting developments in the years to come.

We'd like to thank the organisers once again for being able to partake in this event and look forward to the next collaboration in the future. 

Do remember to stop by the links below to order and get more information of the products that were used in this workshop. 

Malaysian Dental Technologist Association (MDTA)


Picture Credits go out to the Malaysian Dental Technologist Association

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